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Hotel Navarone at Petrochori, Pylos, Messinia

The Hotel Navarone is built on one of the prettiest beaches, Voidokoilia beach (1,6 km), of the Ionian Sea and Navarone Apartments are at a distance of 250 meters from Hotel Navarone. You will find us close to Pylos (15 km), in Petrochori, Messinia, 50 km. from Kalamata and the International Airport, in an area that preserves all the beautiful elements of the Greek provinces; hospitable people, clean beaches, sight seeing, monuments and a high quality life style. Enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

Our business is family owned and run. Raised in Melbourne, Australia, our love for Greece drew us back. Aiming to promote hospitality and a more humane contact with our clients and friends, we built this unit for such a purpose.

Our land is ideal for people who live the fast paced city life and are in need of an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment.

Looking at the map of Greece, Petrochori, Pylos Messinia is located at the left leg of Peloponissos making Hotel Navarone the ideal vacation / holiday starting point. The Archeological sites are one of a kind – King Nestor’s palace, Olympia the birth place of the Olympic Games, many more.

Among the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and definitely of Messinia is “our” beach – Voidokoilia beach. No words or picture can describe Voidokoilia beach. You have to see it!!

When time comes for lunch or dinner, the restaurants and the tavernas are unique – both in authenticity and menu. Among the ingredients are they use are local products, such as olive oil and wine, as it is historically noted that wine was cultivated since King Nestor’s time.

If what you are looking for is an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment, then our hospitality and humane contact is what you need. Check out what some of our visitors/friends say about us.

Look around our site, to get an idea of what Hotel Navarone has to offer and how beautiful it is at Petrochori, Pylos, Messinia.

On each page you can check for availability and make an online booking or you can contact us by e-mail.

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